Old Friend

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18 thoughts on “Old Friend

  1. This one is a little cold – and who knew that we wouldn’t be able to see anyone in person? I like it. So many of us don’t follow up. Catch up. Remind of how important you are. You know what? You’re inspiring me.


  2. Years ago I wrote a song that simply repeats, “Goodbye, my old friend, will I see you the next time around, old friend?” through various interval and key changes. Saddest song I’ve ever heard. —CC


  3. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and very interesting blog. I come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. A soon.


  4. What a beautiful cry of angst in the realization of a fallen reality. Old friend. We do cherish, like males, females, or whatever (yea I need to clarify, fuck off. I love them, I’ll give em all the shit I want) certain interactions with individuals that have influence in our happiness.
    Old friend, I miss my old friends in their moment in time. I do not believe reconnecting with an old friend is ever a good idea. I’m not married to that claim, but I cannot see anything good coming out of reconnecting with a friend you have years apart from beyond a simple check-in of “I’m good, doing this and that, how are you?”
    Of course, that is me and that is what your poem meant to me. I imagine for you there are other possibilities while what I saw may coincide. But I don’t know. I can see this being about grief. And maybe that is what you meant. You wrote these beautiful words expressing grief for a lost friend. And that is why poetry is beautiful. You wrote with your grief and I read with mine.
    Great poem.


  5. Isn’t that how it goes, though? If you’re ever in the area, there’s this place, in San Francisco, that has delicious coffee and muffins. It’s a stone’s throw from the beach. I went there once…


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