Standing Still

Creative, drawing, Health, Poetry, Rhymes and Reasons, Word Play


10 thoughts on “Standing Still

    1. Hi Douglas, I have one book published called Mountains, a children’s book for adults. It is available on Amazon, Lulu, or my Etsy shop. It is a short story, not poetry. I am working on finding a publisher for a collection of these rhymes and reasons I share on this site.


      1. And I too also seek an interested publisher of prose and poetry. If you happen to know of a publisher interested in eccentric, dark or humorous please mention me, I write all genres in music and poetry. Fiction and Supernatural horror in writing but I am versatile in form.Great work of yours, my poetry has been inspired by Dr Suess and all of the classic poems of the past Shakespearean/Victorian Era poetry being my favorite choice in genre. Best of luck to you and your endeavors. Douglas R Brayton II creator of CNN CHAOS NEWS NETWORK


  1. I suffer from vertigo, your description is exactly what it feels like when I’m having an episode haha, although mine is also accompanied by a tiny musical but annoying ringing in either ear!! Great read 🙂


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