30 thoughts on “The Wind

  1. VERY VERY NIICE! The wind is a my favorite above all. It’s the best part of walking – when you feel the wind blowing through your hair, mind, and hurts and pains. It certainly clears the mind and the heart. That’s why I named my site wind and wild water . . . .


      1. I live by Lake Superior – she is really “blowing wind” today! Waves are up to 3 feel high and it will get more active when the blizzard coming at us gets here this evening. Should be fun!!!


  2. I must admit, this one blows. Haha!!
    😂 I love it. I look forward to Sundays and your poems. It’s the perfect start to the week. Thank you. Keep on keepin’ on.

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  3. Hi Richard, I love this one as I live in a very windy part of ?Scotland where we should have more names for the different types of wind!
    I want to invite you to participate in the Community poem on my blog at http://www.purplehermit.com. All you need to do is contribute one line in response to the opening line. More details on my post. Hope you have time to join in. Thanks in anticipation.


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